East-European Shepherd

For the first time in Serbia, we are pleased to introduce You to the

"East-European Shepherd Dog" an incredible breed coming from Russia.


The traditional name of this breed is "Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka" which was specially created in 1930 in the USSR for the needs of the Red Army.


From then onwards, this dog has been a symbol of the Russian Federation.
During World War II, it was used for mine and explosive detection, border defense, and rescue operations.


For their heroism in Russia, the breed was designated "Country's most patriotic dog".

The main goal was to create a breed that will not have hip dysplasia (low hips deformity), and which will have significantly greater muscle mass as well as overall head and body dimensions.
It was a success!

That is the reason this breed looks a lot like its distant ancestor - the wolf.


Using only the highest quality purebred German Shepherds and Russian sheepdogs, a breed was created to meet the needs of the military and special units, after which this dog gained a new reputation and recognition - " World's best protection army dog".


The East-European Shepherd is an embodiment of physical power and beauty combined. The dog's character exudes high intelligence, making them completely easy to train. This is the perfect watchdog, protector, and pet dog.


Inspired by this, we present to you our first family of this breed, with their eight strong puppies. Our dogs are bred in the spirit of absolute love and dedication of our family, therefore, they are a part of us.


Apart from professional training, they grew up surrounded with children and other dogs, and as a result of that, they are the perfect watchdogs, socialized for all purposes.